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Benefits of bluemix, which is best cloud computing service ?

Compare and contrast between Bluemix (used in this course) and the cloud service provider you have chosen.

IoT and AI in Bluemix

  1. IoT Internet of Things
    1. Connect your device or a gateway
    2. Context mapping
    3. Driver behavior
    4. IoT for electronics and insurance
    5. AT&T flow designer, M2X, and data plans
    6. IBM Watson IoT platform: apps can access live and historical data
    7. Rest and real time APIs: to connect apps with data from your devices
  2. AI Artificial Intelligence
    1. Expose application programming interfaces for visual recognition, speech to text and text to speech function
    2. Language understanding
    3. Translation
    4. Conversational engines to build powerful virtual agents.

AWS is undoubtedly the leader in the cloud computing market it provides the best infrastructure to the cloud. In a research it is found that the AWS controls the 27% of cloud market. IBM service provider charges users on an hourly or monthly basis and maintains complete transparency and AWS provides the free trial first than charge accordingly on demand instances, reserved instances, spot instances and a delicate Host.

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