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BLAR11050- Residential Construction- Scaffold system- Engineering Assignment help

Code- BLAR11050 Assignment help

Subject- Engineering Assignment help

Assignment Task:

 Question 1 (2 pages per element excluding graphics)  The course material covers domestic house construction, including primary building elements, which contribute to the completed Class 1a dwelling. This question requires students to conduct a detailed review of four key building elements.  While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that this report be written in conjunction with visitation to a live Class 1 construction project(s) of your choosing. Where this has been done, please note that a different Class 1 project may be used to illustrate each selected element (or one project may be used for all elements). Ideally you should be in position to read/study the written material supplied, and then make regular visits to housing sites under construction in order to ‘link’ the written material to actual buildings.  Question 2   Research via case study or projects in your locality, combined with technical research, to identify and provide a review of a typical application of the following temporary work items for a residential project:  1. Scaffold System 2. Formwork System 3. Falsework System  The provision of visual information is essential for responses to the above items.  Question 3 Plant (equipment) selection and waste management are key matters for building contractors to be aware of during construction works. With a focus on residential construction, conduct research to provide a response to the following:  1. Plant (Equipment) Selection practices – Provide best practice recommendation for the planning of plant selection on a residential project which involves the construction of multiple townhouses all of the very similar design.

BLAR11050- Residential Construction- Scaffold system- Engineering Assignment help

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