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Business Strategy

Code -BO1BSRE301 assignment help Subject- Business Strategy assignment help ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION: Individual Critical Analysis Essay Format: Essay (Individual submission) Word Limit: 1500 (10% +/-) Due date: Week 9 This individual assessment task. You are required to choose ONE question and write a critical analysis essay. Detailed guidelines for this assessment task will be provided by Week 5.You must include five academic refereed journals to support your answer, including the textbook as a reference. 1. The success of the strategic planning process in an organisation is a combination of strategic leadership, organisation structure and culture. Use an example to discuss this statement. 2. Using an industry of your choice critically evaluate Porter’s Five Forces. Discuss the relevance of the Five Forces in today’s business environment. ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION: This assignment should be submitted online (via Turnitin) in Moodle. The assignment MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats may not be readable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in Word. Our Academic Learning Support (ALS) team would be happy to help you with understanding the task and all other assessment-related matters. For assistance and to book one-on-one meeting please email one of our ALS coordinators (Sydney; Melbourne ). For online help and support please click the following link and navigate Academic Learning Support in Moodle.

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