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CE719 ICT Systems Integration and Management Assignment 1: Information Quality

Code -CE719 ICT assignment help Subject - Systems Integration and Management assignment help Part A: Coursebook Selection [50 marks] Imagine that you are a lecturer at the University of Essex and you are assigned a new module: CE919 Business Information Systems. As a part of the new course development, you need to decide which coursebook to use for the module. 1. When you select the coursebook what kind of information quality at- tributes are important for your decision making and explain why [20 marks]. You should use the attributes of information quality listed in Table 1.1 of our coursebook to guide you. Choose attributes you think are suitable for your decision making and explain why they are important. 2. Choose an online bookstore (e.g. Amazon, Waterstones) to search for the coursebooks available and analyse three coursebooks of your choice using the attributes you cheesed in the rst step. Make your selection of the textbook and explain why you choose that book [30 marks]. You can use screenshots to help you visualise the comparison. Part B: Postcode Address Finder [50 marks] Address entering is arguably one of the most frequently used functions in modern information systems. Whether you are purchasing a product online, booking a ticket or make a job application, you need to ll in your address. In UK, the postcode address nder has been used to make quick address entering. Online retailers and postal services such as Jonh Lewis, Wilko and Royal Mail all heavily use the postcode address nder in their daily business. In this assignment, you are going to compare the postcode address nders used by di erent websites. Please note you are expected to use the postcode to nd the address, do not attempt to enter the address manually. Hint: Most online retailers have guest checkout. You don't need to be a registered user to test their postcode address nder. You can put a random product in the basket and use the guest checkout to access their delivery page where the postcode address nder is commonly located. Alternatively, you could choose postal service websites, such as Royal Mail's nd an address page ( nd-a-postcode).

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