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Question 1 – Routing table construction                                                                          (7 marks)

Given the following network in Figure 1, construct the routing table of router R1:

Question 2–  Allocating students from a block.   (6 marks)

You are the Network Administrator for a very large IP company, you have an IP address of and the subnet mask given is The IP address must be divided in to 4 different subnets.

  1. Calculate the total number of addresses available in this block including all the special addresses. Show your calculation (1 mark)

As Network Administrator, you need to distribute the available addresses on a departmental needs basis (meaning not allocating more than you have to), with 4 new subnets determined as follows:

In Subnet 1, there will be 210 computers,

In Subnet 2 we will have 700 computers,

In Subnet 3, 150 computers, and

In Subnet  4, 70 computers.

Create the 4 subnets. For each subnet, list the subnet or first address, the last address, and the subnet mask in CIDR format. Show your calculations for all subnets, briefly showing how you arrived at the sub-block addresses. (4 marks or 1 mark for each correct subnet)

  1. c) How many addresses are left unallocated? Show your calculation. (1 mark)

Question 3:                                                                                                                                                    (8 marks)

An Ethernet frame carrying an IP packet was captured by Wireshark. The Ethernet header was removed and the remaining data (i.e. the payload, arranged in groups for readability, left to right) is the following:








C0A8 AA08


AA14 801B



85ED 1032







6F6F 676C






a83d ….




Analyse the given data for layer 3 information:

  1. Identify the protocol version for layer 3. (.25 marks)
  2. Identify the header length (remember to specify the units). (.5 marks)
  3. Identify the service type. (.25 marks)


  1. Identify the total length of the layer 3 packet (specify the units). (.5 marks)
  2. Determine the identification value. (.5 marks)
  3. Interpret the flag information. (.5 marks)
  4. Determine the time to live value. (.5 marks)
  5. What is the protocol value? (.25marks)
  6. What is the protocol used in layer 4? (.25 marks)
  7. Identify the source IP address. (.25 marks)
  8. Identify the destination IP address. (.25 marks)

Analyse the payload of the IP packet (i.e. layer 4 segment):

 Identify the source port number. (0.5 marks)

  1. Identify the destination port number. (0.5 marks)
  2. What is the length of the data? (specify the units) (1 mark)
  3. Is it a packet from the client to the server or vice versa? (1 mark)
  4. What is the client process? (1 mark)

Question 4: Advanced routing study                                                                    (14 marks)

Research and write a report with the following content (marks allocated as shown):

  1. Introduction IoT Devices (1.5 marks)
  1. Communication protocols that are specifically related to IoT (2.5 marks)
  1. IoT would not be possible without IPv6, Advantages of IPV6 (1 mark)
  1. Different types of wireless connections used for IoT (2 marks)
  1. Not everyone agrees with Sigfox that a separate network is needed for the IoT. Compare and contrast with other networks (4 marks)
  2. Conclusion (2 marks)
  1. References: Adhered to Harvard reference style (1 mark)

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This assignment comprises of the four questions.  Read the questions carefully and write most appropriate answers. Question 4 involves the advanced routing study where the learner has to conduct a thorough research and prepare a report.  References must be provided in the Harvard style.

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