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COIT20263 Information Security Management (HT2, 2021)

Code -COIT20263 assignment help Subject- Information Security Management assignment help Objectives Assessment two relates to Unit Learning Outcomes 1 and 5. This is a group assessment and should be undertaken in a group of up to 4 members. Distance/online students can form groups with on-campus students as well. Distance/online students, please communicate with the unit coordinator regarding group formation. For this assessment, you will analyse the scenario given on page 3, discuss the issues given in the Assessment Task below within your group and write your answers (group work) in a word document during the workshop in weeks 9, 10 and 11. Check the unit website at least once a week for further information relating to this assessment task. Assessment Task a) Explain with justification the personnel security practices that STBS should follow to regulate employee behavior and prevent misuse of information. Your discussion should relate to STBS case with specific details. (Work on it during Week 9 workshop). b) Identify an adverse event (incident) that could result in loss of STBS’s information asset. Device an Incident response plan (IR plan) for STBS. Your plan should include action to be taken in the event of the incident that you mentioned before. (Work on it during Week 10 workshop). c) Design a security management maintenance model for STBS. Include at least three components in your design and provide justification for that. (Work on it during Week 11 workshop).

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