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COIT20269 : Mobile Apps Project

Code -COIT20269 assignment help Subject- Mobile Apps Project assignment help Objectives This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes numbers 2, 3, 5 and 6 as stated in the online course profile. The objectives of this assignment: 1. For your creative work you are going to design, specify, implement and test a Hybrid App. You are to generate your own (semi-original) idea for the app. Keep it simple as you have only a day a week during term to prototype and develop this idea. 2. Client - Develop, test and maintain a mobile internet application using an integrated suite of mobile software development tools. More specifically on the client-side jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS and Cordova. 3. Server - Develop, test and maintain an Express Web Server and API using JavaScript and Node with various Node packages. Data is stored locally on the mobile device and in the cloud (MongoDB). The API facilitates access to a MongoDB Atlas cloud service for online storage and retrieval using Node Express middleware. 4. Deploy - Cordova Platform provides o access to native hardware o access to platforms o project structure allowing deployment as a Hybrid App to mobile devices (i.e. Android smartphone). 5. Deploy the API server to Cloud o This is an extension/higher order task – complete if possible 6. Concepts and Current Best Practice investigated in terms of the Web App business model. 7. Short Essay – current industry trends

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