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Computing Project [CIS3004-N]

Code -CIS3004-N assignment help Subject - Computing Project assignment help Overview This document is a guide for the Computing Project modules (40 credits) taken by the final year undergraduate students on the programmes in the School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies. It has been produced to answer some of the questions students ask and to provide detailed information about certain aspects of the project process such as project supervision and assessment. However, it is not intended to be completely definitive. Projects by their very nature are individual and it is not possible to set down rules that will apply to and govern all aspects of them in all cases. What is presented here is a mixture of things that are common to all projects for example, project diaries and guidelines that attempt to ensure that the differences between projects are kept to a minimum. The material covered includes: the responsibilities of the student and of the supervisor, the various milestones along the way and the assessment process. The Project module is based on the British Computer Society (BCS) Guidelines and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate: • their ability to apply practical and analytical skills present in the programme as a whole. • innovation and/or creativity. • synthesis of information, ideas and practices to provide a quality solution together with an evaluation of that solution. • that their project meets a real need in a wider context. • the ability to self-manage a significant piece of work. • critical self-evaluation of the process.

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