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Consumer Research Article

Code -MKF5911 assignment help Subject- Theory and Process of Buyer Behaviour assignment help Q1. According to this article, why does brand nickname positively influence customer-brand relationship? Please use your words to summarize the authors’ logic and rationale. While you do this, cite a few key articles to support this logic as did the authors. (20 points) Q2. In study 1, the authors found that other-generated nickname and self-generated nickname were not statistically significantly different in terms of consumer responses (e.g., emotional attachment, self-brand connection, BRM behaviour). That being said, it looks like self-generated nickname was evaluated more positively than other-generated nickname, at least directionally. What might be the reason? Please cite one academic article to support your explanation (10 points). Q3. Consumer researchers can use different stimuli and participants to test their theory/hypotheses. (20 points) (1) The three studies used different stimuli (an electronic toothbrush, a virtual reality headset, a USB flash drive). What is the benefit of changing stimuli across the studies? (2) In this research, study 1 and study 2 used undergraduate students whereas study 3 used people from Amazon Mechanical Turk (an online survey platform). What are the relative advantage and disadvantage of using undergraduate students and using participants from Amazon Mechanical Turk? Please list one advantage and one disadvantage for each source of participants. Q4. Have you observed any marketplace applications of brand nickname within Australia? (30 points) (3) Please list two brands with nicknames in Australia. You must not use any example from this article. (4) Some people think that Aussies like to shorten English words because they are lazy. After reading this article, do you think there is another reason for Aussies to shorten brand names and give them nicknames? What is it? What does this behaviour say about the characters of Australian people? Your answer should draw inspiration from this article. (5) Now look at the two brand nicknames you just listed. Do you think they are high or low in relevance, according to study 3? Please first quote the definition of nickname relevance from this article, and then explain whether these two nicknames are high or low in relevance.

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