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Data Modelling and Database Design - Modelling Report

Code - MIS602 assignment help Subject - Data Modelling and Database Design assignment help Task Summary This assessment requires you to prepare a modelling report that demonstrates your ability to assess business requirements along with a logical design that could be implemented in a relational database management system. Context When preparing to implement a new information system, it is essential that the initial design is well thought out from the outset. Modifying the database after implementation can often be an expensive process in terms of time, effort and cost. Often the first engagement step is to conduct interviews and workshops with end users and business subject matter experts to get a better understand of how the business runs. The output of these workshops becomes the foundation for the database design. Task Instructions 1. Please read the attached MIS602_Assessment 1_Case Study. 2. Based on the information provided in the case study, prepare a modelling report to answer the following questions: • An entity relationship diagram including significant attributes against each entity. • A relational model showing all fields, primary keys, foreign keys and concatenated keys. Your relational model should be in third normal form. List any assumptions/business rules you have made.

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