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DATA4900 Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics

Code -DATA4900 assignment help Subject- Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics assignment help Your Task • This assessment is to be done individually. • Students are to write a 2,000-word report in response to a “wicked problem” brief using Systems Thinking & Complexity Science principles and submit it as a Microsoft word file via the TurnItIn portal at the end of week 9. • You will receive marks for content, appropriate structure and referencing. Assessment Description In this assessment, you will be writing an individual report that encourages you to be creative with business analytics, whilst also developing a response to brief containing a “wicked problem”, to be addressed using Systems Thinking & Complexity Science principles. Assessment Instructions This assessment is set in the year 2022. Your brief is to contain spread of a new type of coronavirus in Australia that has emerged in 2022, known as Covid-22. Person Zero is identified in the United Kingdom. There is no known vaccine available to immediately curb the spread of this virus. Fortunately Covid-22 has a rate of infection similar to Covid-19 when it first arose, rather than the more highly transmissible later variants of Covid-19. Problem The transmission of COVID-22 has occurred through air travel, before being formally identified. It reached Australia within weeks of Peron Zero’s infection. As was the case when Covid-19 first emerged, there is once again an • absence of centralised policy and timeline combined with • the complex dynamics of human mobility and … • the variable intensity of local outbreaks

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