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Enterprise mobile app conceptualization, risk involved

Conceptualization Entreprise Application Assignment

What is a mobile app: It is a software application which is developed and designed to run on the mobile phones. Most of the needed app are auto downloaded in the phone but if you want to installed the other apps you can use the two app stores Google play for android Smartphone’s and App store for the IOS iphones.

Other app stores are Blackberry world, window phone store, Nokia store etc.

The term enterprise mobile application is used when an individual organization designed the app for their own workers for organizational work. Enterprise mobile app means app runs within the organization. This app is not created for the third party or the customers. Now days the business of enterprise mobile application double because every organization found it more beneficial for managing work load and work flow.

Basic functions of enterprise mobile app:

  1. It helps in video calling within the organization for the communication

  2. Good in transactions

  3. It managing the many activities like appointment, notes, and timetables.

  4. Good for news weather forecast and financial help.

Risk Involved in Enterprise mobile app

  1. Anytime and anywhere connectivity: it means the co workers always need the app because of organization work so the cost is more and data loss risk is more.

  2. Heterogeneous environment: applying mobile operating system, separating personal, private and corporate data these are the problems in the mobile enterprise app.

  3. Compromised devices: control to access enterprise network.

  4. Data leak is the another problem with the enterprise mobile app. While sending the unmanaged files the data leak problem is higher.

  5. Loss of data and theft data is the risk evolved in this process. This problem is raised because sometime the device is stolen or broken then the other person can stole the information

  6. When we are connected with the network then virus attack is the big cyber problem. Because many virus and malicious app are there in the network so it will damage phone and lost the data.

Deployment options:

  • Native deployment: it provides the more appropriate look and feel to the users. It also provides the input and output devices with in the device.

  • Hybrid deployment: it will integrate the native code with HTML and JavaScript. They use the HTML in the front end. it is more flexible and powerful

  • Web deployment: This follows the rules of w3c. This means wide web consortium.HTML5 and JavaScript is used.

  • MEAP: it provides the high flexibility. It consists of two components middleware integration and mobile client server.

Benefits of social media integration:

  • more powerful for advertising

  • Enhanced customer relationship management

  • Collect business performance feedback

  • Transparency

  • Real time alerts

  • Increase band loyalty.


  1. Web application development: according to the need of the business the mobile application is created while integrated it within a social media channel

  2. Social media management: consulting where and how to set up social media, advantages and disadvantages of implementing customer relationship management.

  3. Social media marketing

Enterprise mobile app maintenance: bug fixing, feature extension, performance enhancement and operational level support are the main points to follow in the maintenance. Future of enterprise mobile app is bright because it is more using and it is easy to use.

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