HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise –Holmes Institute

Assignment Specifications
Rainbow Illusion is a 30-store retail chain concentrated in New South Wales and Victoria that sells ready-to-wear clothes for young females. Each store has a full-time manager and an assistant manager, both of whom are paid a salary. The cashiers and sales personnel are typically young people working part-time who are paid an hourly wage plus a commission based on sales volume. The company uses unsophisticated cash registers with four-part sales invoices to record each transaction. These sales invoices are used regardless of the payment type (cash, cheque, or bankcard).

On the sales floor, the salesperson manually records his or her employee number and the transaction (clothes, class, description, quantity, and unit price), totals the sales invoice, calculates the discount when appropriate, calculates the sales tax, and pre- pares the grand total. The salesperson then gives the sales invoice to the cashier, retaining one copy in the sales book.

The cashier reviews the invoice and inputs the sale. The cash register mechanically validates the invoice, automatically assigning a consecutive number to the transaction. The cashier is also responsible for getting credit approval on charge sales and approving sales paid by cheque. The cashier gives one copy of the invoice to the customer and retains the second copy as a store copy and the third for a bankcard, if a deposit is needed. Returns are handled in exactly the reverse manner, with the cashier issuing a return slip.

At the end of each day, the cashier sequentially orders the sales invoices and takes cash register totals for cash, bankcard, cheque sales, and cash and credit card returns. These totals are reconciled by the assistant manager to the cash register tapes, the total of the consecutively numbered sales invoices, and the return slips. The assistant manager prepares a daily reconciliation report for the store manager’s review.

The manager reviews cash, cheque, and credit card sales and then prepares the daily bank deposit (credit card sales invoices are included in the deposit). The manager makes the deposit at the bank and files the validated deposit slip.

The cash register tapes, sales invoices, and return slips are forwarded daily to the central data processing department at corporate headquarters for processing. The data processing department returns a weekly sales and commission activity report to the manager for review.

Prepare a report to Chief Executive Officer of Rainbow Illusion to evaluate its processes, risks and internal controls for its expenditure cycle. In your report, you need to include the following items:
 Identify six strengths in Rainbow Illusion’s system for controlling sales transactions.·
 For each strength identified, explain what problem(s) Rainbow Illusion has avoided by incorporating the strength in the system for controlling sales transactions.·
 Identify two situational pressures in a company like Rainbow Illusion that would increase the likelihood of fraud.·
 Explain why some companies would choose to install a distributed computer system rather than a centralised on.·

HI5019 –Strategic information Systems for Business and Enterprise- Holmes Institute assignment help

In this particular assessment task, the learner is required to prepare a report on the company Rainbow Illusion evaluating the processes, risks as well as the internal control for the expenditure cycle. You are required to include four of the items in the report which are listed in the question file.

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