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Code -HI6041 assignment help Subject- INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY assignment help Individual Assignment Instructions Assessment 3 - Packet Tracer and Development Task Value: 40% Length: 1500-2000 words (+- 100 words) Task You are an IoT Developer at HomeOfTheBrave Ltd and you are about to start a project where you have been tasked with setting up an IoT home office with a remote link to the company's head office. The project is divided into 2 parts: • Create a home office with the criteria and devices given in the town of Byron Heads. • Control these smart devices from the head office which is a few miles north, but across state lines, in the city of Brispain. The home office includes, but is not limited to the following smart devices: • 1 x Front Door Lock • 1 x Garage Door • 1 x Motion Detector • 1 x Air Conditioner (AC) • 1 x Portable Music Player • 1 x Carbon Monoxide Detector • 1 x Thermostat • 1 x Siren These devices are linked to a Wireless Router, which is linked via an Ethernet cable to a Cable Modem. The modem is connected to the Internet via an ISP known as ALDOT. All the devices are registered on a Remote Server which can be controlled locally by a Tablet that is also connected to the wireless network. The Remote Server is connected to the Company's Cloud Cluster service (run by SmokeHaze Servers), as well as an external server that the home office uses for media streaming. • Ensure that you add ALL necessary screenshots with the documentation as well as the packet tracer file to be presented to the manager for project approval. • Build and configure the home office. (Refer to the file on the Student Resources named Assignment_3_Help). • Save the file as StudentID_Firstname_HI6041.pkt (using your own student ID and first name). A template exists in the Cisco Network Academy IoT Course. • All screenshots for each step with a brief explanation must be included in the document. • Once the Assignment is complete, you must embed the packet tracer file as an object in the word document as StudentID_Firstname_HI6041.pkt

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