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Information Systems Capstone

Code - MIS611 assignment help Subject - Information Systems Capstone assignment help Task Summary For this assessment, you as a group is entering the second phase of your assessment process - Assessment 2, where your key output will be a Solution Prototype Document. By now your team would have completed the first phase via the delivery of the Stakeholder Requirements Document - the key output of Assessment 1. It is important to note that consistency and continuity from one assessment to the next are vital in this project. You will need to ensure that you use the project approach as advised in Assessment 1. This means that your solution needs to address the requirements documented in Assessment 1 Stakeholder Requirements Document. For Assessment 2 - Solution Prototype Document, you as a team is required to complete a 4000-words report outlining the various aspects of your solution. It is expected that you will demonstrate how the solution addresses the requirements outline in Assessment 1. A variety of prototyping tools are available to you. However, will need to discuss your selection with your learning facilitator to establish feasibility of the team’s approach. The Solution Prototype Document should describe elements of the Solution Prototype using the appropriate tools for processes, data and interfaces.

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