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ITECH1100- Understanding the digital revolution- Jacket World- IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH1100 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

Assignment Task: ITECH1100: Understanding the Digital Revolution IT Assignment Help Assignment 1 - Jacket World Scenario details Jacket World is a small clothing manufacturer, specializing in creating custom, one-of-a-kind jackets. They exclusively sell their product through their online store. Jacket World is run by a team of three staff members: Andrew, Brutus, and Courtney. Andrew and Brutus work together to manufacture jackets. Courtney manages orders, sales and delivery. Team hours Most of the time, team members work the following shifts:

Andrew works 7.5 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Brutus works 7.5 hours on Thursdays and Fridays; and Courtney works 4.5 hours every weekday.

Additionally, Andrew and Courtney share responsibility for managing the Jacket World social media presence, with Andrew working one extra hour in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Courtney doing the same on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Costs Andrew and Brutus, as skilled manufacturing staff, cost $26 per hour to employ. Courtney, a part-time employee, costs $24 per hour to employ. All staff are also entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave, during which a casual replacement is required at a cost of $39 per hour. Fixed costs such as rent and insurance are $9100 per year, and utilities costs are $260 per month. Task 1 - Costs of operating the business Using Excel, create a spreadsheet called operating_costs.xlsx that calculates the projected annual outgoing costs of running Jacket World. Your spreadsheet should be configured such that the working hours, hourly rates, and fixed and utility costs can be varied easily. Document your findings in your ePortfolio page (approximately 100 words). Manufacturing jackets Jacket World receive requests through their online store, and Courtney responds with a quote, after consulting with a member of the manufacturing team. If the customer confirms their order, Andrew and Brutus manufacture the ordered products, and Courtney organizes delivery. Currently, the process for generating a quote is entirely subjective, based on the requested material and jacket size. Staff members quote an amount based on their personal experience. For several months, staff have been keeping track of the quote date, material, size, quote amount, and manufacturing cost for each order in a spreadsheet. As each product is hand-made, the manufacturing cost may vary between similar orders. If a quote was not accepted by the customer, then manufacturing cost is not included. This spreadsheet is available for download on Moodle.

ITECH1100- Understanding the digital revolution- Jacket World- IT Assignment help

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