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ITECH1102- Investigate the Linux File System & Basic Linux Commands- IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH1102 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

Assignment Task:  Major goals of this lab sheet: •Investigate the Linux file system and basic Linux commands •Observe IP settings on Windows and Linux •Use Wireshark to capture and analyze ARP (Data Link Protocol) •Use Wireshark to capture and analyze network layer protocols Part 1 – Investigate the Linux file system and basic Linux commands. Discussion: Most students will be familiar with the structure of the Windows File System and the way it identifies file system devices using drive letters. For instance: C:   represents typically the main hard drive that contains the operating system. D:   is often used for the DVD drive (if one exists) E:   for removable media like USB sticks or hard drives In Linux, a totally different file system structure is used. The Linux file system all falls below the root of the file system which is represented by a forward slash. (  /  ) Devices like extra hard drives, USB devices and network drives must be mounted into a file system directory somewhere beneath the root of the file system. This is usually all done for you during installation. When representing parts of the Linux file system, we usually represent the entire path starting from /.  For instance, the Documents directory of user1 is located at  /home/user1/Documents/ The directory representing the first USB device on our Linux Lite system is at  /mnt/vbox/ Task 1. Draw a diagram of the Linux file system identifying the directories mentioned below: •/bin/ •/home/ •/home/user2/Downloads/ •/etc/ •/etc/samba/ •/sbin/ •/mnt/ •/mnt/vbox/ Task 2 Determine from the Internet the primary function of each of the above Linux directories. Task 3 Draw a hierarchical diagram of the above Linux directory structure. (not the entire Linux file system) Task 4  -  Navigating the Linux file system from the command line Thunar allows us to navigate the Linux file system using a GUI. However, power Linux users spend much of their time working in Linux terminals with command-line commands and associated arguments. There are a few commands that allow us to move around the Linux file system and to determine our current location in the file system. Command-line commands cd    Change directory command This command allows us to navigate to specific Linux directories. Example: cd  /home/user1/  takes us to user1’s home directory Example: cd  /home/user1/Pictures/  takes us to the Pictures directory of user1. The cd command can navigate to any directory in the Linux file system. pwd   Print Working Directory This command shows us our current location in the file Linux system.

ITECH1102- Investigate the Linux File System & Basic Linux Commands- IT Assignment help

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