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ITECH1103- Big Data & analytics- Analytic Report Writing- IT assignment help

Code- ITECH1103 assignment help

Subject- IT assignment help

Assignment Task: Tasks • Task 1: Background information: Write a description of the dataset and project and its importance for the organization. Discuss the main benefits of using visual analytics to explore big data. In this, you should include a justification for using the visualizations that you will use and how they have been successful in other similar projects. This discussion should be suitable for a general audience. The information must come from at least 6 appropriate sources (2 per student) be appropriately referenced. • Task 2: Reporting / Dashboards: For your project, perform the relevant data analysis tasks by answering the guided questions provided (see Appendix for questions and dataset) and, identify the visualization you need to develop. Note: remove any missing data points from your visualizations where possible/suitable • Task 3: Additional Visualizations: In addition to the guided questions, it is expected that each student will provide at least two other visualizations of the data (i.e. for a group of 3 students this is 6 extra visualizations). These additional visualizations will be judged in terms of the quality of the findings and the complexity of analysis. • Task 4: Justification: Justify why these visualizations are chosen in Tasks 2 and 3. Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your Task 2. • Task 5: Discussion of findings: Using the visualizations created to discuss the findings from the data set. In this discussion, you should explain what each visualization shows. Then summarize the main findings.  • Task 6: Executive Summary: summary of the data analysis including a brief introduction, methods used and a list of the key findings • Task 7: The Reflection (Individual Task): Each team member is expected to write a brief reflection about this project in terms of challenges, learning, and contribution.  Guided Questions 1. GROUP TASK: Create a data dictionary for the data source by the group. 2. What is the average number of ICU days with respect to diagnosing group and gender? 3. For each region, what is the most and least common diagnosis group? 4. For each diagnosis group, which is the most and least popular disease? 5. What are the top 5 departments with respect to the number of patients? 6. What are the top 3 regions with respect to female patient numbers? 7. What are the top 5 places where patients are discharged? 8. What are the top 3 regions with respect to “black” race? 9. What are the top 5 hospitals with respect to Asthma patients’ number of visits? 10. What are the active and inactive months in terms of admission for both male and female patients? 11. What are the top 3 regions with respect to the average days spent in the hospital? Hint- You need to create a measure to calculate the number of days spent in hospital 12. What are the top 10 cities with respect to the number of patients? 13. What is the trend of the number of patient’s admission from October 2011 to June 2012 with respect to the region for both male and female? Hint- You need to use the filter for the dates - 14. Display only the most and least popular month in question 9 at a time

ITECH1103- Big Data & analytics- Analytic Report Writing IT assignment help

The goal of this assessment task is to provide the learners with most practical of experience of working in group for writing data analysis report. This facilitates the students with the most useful of insights, patterns, trends in the chosen or given of dataset. There are total seven tasks to be accomplished. The detail of each task is mentioned in the question file. Read it carefully and frame appropriate responses. The information technology subject involves the study of processes of managing data, information through the utilization of systems as well as software.  At times, students face complexity while writing ITECH1103 subject assignments.  This is where our writing service comes into picture.  Our company provides the top class and robust ITECH1103- Big Data & analytics- Analytic Report Writing IT assignment help online.  Hire writing experts from our company and get your ITECH1103 subject assignments and homework solved within minimum time frame. Our educational assistance online facilitates the students in submitting the quality, instructive and accurately organized paper on time. There are no barriers with borders at all. We have been serving students from US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of world through our world class educational assistance online.  Call us today!






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