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ITECH1400- Foundations of Programming- Waterfall Model of Software development- IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH1400 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

Assignment Task: Question 1.  In your own words, give five (5) characteristics of a wicked problem, being sure to mention the various aspects of a wicked problem which make them so difficult to successfully solve.  A wicked problem is one that:  - Can be difficult to refine, - May be multi-discipline / multi-causal, - Can result in unforeseen consequences when trying to solve, - The problem can change during the solution attempt (not stable), - There is no clear solution to the problem, - May be socially complex (i.e. involves attitudes / religious views, traditions  etc.), - Could be caused by governmental policy failure.  Question 2.  Label the following simple diagram of the waterfall model of software development.  Question 3.  To write any procedural program only three programming structures are needed – Sequence, Selection & Repetition – was demonstrated by Boehm & Jacopini in 1966.  Draw diagrams which illustrate these three structures.  Sequence (code reading order): Code is read from left to right and top to bottom of the page  Selection (branching): Choices are made depending on certain conditions  Repetition (loops): We can repeat a piece of code as many times as we wish  Question 4.  Re-write this for loop code fragment using only a while loop.  for x in range(5):  print (x+1)  x=0 while x Questions > ITECH1400: Foundations of Programming - Waterfall Model of Software Development - IT/Computer Scienc … Career FAQs Pricing Login Search your assignment question here... 2/5 . a g su e e code s o g ii. Making sure old code works after making changes iii. Making sure conditions are met for software development contract iv. Make sure code does not crash when unexpected input is given v. Helps with debugging  Question 8.  In the context of programming, briefly define the following terms: Performance, Efficiency and Optimisation.  • The performance of software is basically how quickly a piece of software executes either in general, or to perform a given task.  • Efficiency is the act of using as little resources as possible to achieve a desired outcome.  • Optimisation is modifying code to streamline it - so that the same amount of work can be performed in less time than before, or that the same (or very similar) results can be obtained by performing less work.  Question 9.  Write a program containing a function called swap that takes two parameters called first and second. You should be able to run the function passing it these two parameters and returning a 'swapped' version of these values. (You can make your numbers part of the code e.g. num1=123, num2=456 instead of asking the user for them.)  def swap(first, second): return second, first  num1 = 123 num2 = 456 print('Before swapping, num1 is {} and num2 is {}.'.format(num1, num2))  num1, num2 = swap(num1, num2) print('After swapping, num1 is {} and num2 is {}.'.format(num1, num2))  Question 10.  Draw a class diagram for a Person with four (4) attributes and four (4) methods. Include private and public attributes.  Person  -Name: String  -Address: String  -Age: int  -BirthDay: Date  +getName: String  +getAddress: String  +isBirthday: Boolean  +getAge: int  Question 11.  Write what will be printed when this code is executed:  def max(num1, num2):  if num1 > num2:  result = num1 else:  result = num2 return result  def main():  i = -5.0 j = 2.0 k = max(i,j) print("The larger number of", i, "and", j, "is", k)  main()  The larger number of -5.0 and 2.0 is 2.0  Question 12.  Sort the following sequence of numbers into ascending order using the bubble sort algorithm. Write down each new sequence of numbers in a row of the table below every time two numbers change places until you reach the final, sorted result.  91 13 55 23 32 56  13 91 55 23 32 56  13 55 91 23 32 56  13 55 23 91 32 56  13 55 23 32 91 56  13 55 23 32 56 91  13 23 55 32 56 91  13 23 32 55 56 91  Question 13.  Write some pseudocode that describes a program that for five students, calculates and displays the average of a unknown number of test scores which are all within the range 0 to 100. The user will enter the test scores one at a time, and enter a score of -1 to indicate that this is the last of their scores being entered. The program will then calculate their average score and print it out.  Loop five times:  Set cumulative score to zero Set number of scores entered to zero  Loop indefinitely:  Ask user for a test score If the test score is not -1:  Add the test score to the cumulative score Increment the number of scores entered by 1 Else if the test score is -1: Divide the cumulative score by the number of scores entered to calculate the average  Print the average test score Break out of the indefinite loop  Question 14 Core Web Service - Web Service Composition - Analysis of ‘QoS’ - Application of Semantic Web and Linked Data Technologies - IT Computer Science Assignment Help Report Writing - Business Objectives, Exploring Data, Preparing Data - IT Assignment Help CP5307: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Society - IT/Computer Science Assignment Help SIT703 - Advanced Digital Forensics - Investigation Report - Computer crimes - Report Writing Assessment Answer BIT354 : Network Vulnerability & Penetration Testing - IT Assignment Help FIT5202: Data Processing for Big Data - StopHacking - IT/Computer Science Assignment Help Digital Logic Design - String - IT Assignment Help Logical Structure - Windows Server - IT Assignment Help INM381 - Service Oriented Architectures - Property Purchasing System -  IT Computer Science Assignment Help The Simplex Method: Maximization Problem - IT Assignment Help Related Questions Career FAQs Pricing Login Search your assignment question here... 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ITECH1400- Foundations of Programming Waterfall Model of Software development- IT Assignment help

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