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ITECH1400- Fundamentals of Programming- Federation University Australia Robot Wars are about to commence- IT assignment help

Code- ITECH1400 Assignment help

Subject- IT assignment help

Assignment Task:

ITECH1400:  Fundamentals of Programming IT Assignment Help Part 1: Design and Model Two Classes This stage requires you to prepare documentation that describes the function of the program and how it is to be tested. There is no coding or code testing involved in this stage. Requirements: 1) Read all of this assignment sheet first!!! 2) Write an algorithm that describes how the program will operate. a. All program requirements must be included, even if you do not end up including all these requirements in your program code. b. The algorithm must be structured logically so that the program would function correctly. 3) Create class diagrams for the Ticket and Checkout classes Part 2: Activity Flowchart Using either the online website (preferred), or the applications Visio or PowerPoint – create an activity diagram of how the program should operate to successfully purchase one or more tickets, accept payment, print a receipt for the user and backup the transaction to a text file. Make sure to use the correct symbols in your diagram for starting, processes, decisions/branches, and ending the process. Remember to do some (fake) checks when the user enters their credit card details e.g. that enough numbers have been entered. Once you have completed your activity flowchart, add it to your Word document. Part 3: Computer Program You are free to design and implement the software however you see fit. Here are some requirements that must be incorporated into your program 1. You must display a welcome message when the program starts. At a minimum, this message should contain the name of your program, the name of the program developer and your student 2. The welcome message should also have a row of asterisks at the top and the bottom, just long enough to extend over the text. Hint: Use a For loop for this. 3. When the user goes to purchase tickets, they should be able to purchase a child, adult, senior or concession ticket(s). Each ticket category should cost a different amount; it’s up to you to choose how much each ticket costs. They should be able to purchase as many tickets (across all categories) as they like 4. When the user goes to finalise their order, the total cost should display on screen. Your program should then ask the user to enter their (fake) credit card details, check the credit card details and, if ‘valid’, display a final receipt 5. Finally, the program should backup the transaction into a text file

ITECH1400- Fundamentals of Programming- Federation University Australia Robot Wars are about to commence- IT assignment help

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