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ITECH1400- Fundamentals of Programming- Pseudo Code to analyze the CSV file- IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH1400 Assignment help

Subject- IT assignment help

Assignment Task:

Assessment Details: You work for the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and it’s time to audit the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy has submitted a CSV file with the details of all the tooth pickups this year (see addresses.csv file in Moodle).  The assignment is broken up into three main components:  1) Design pseudocode to analyse the CSV file  2) Create an activity chart which illustrates the behaviour of the pseudocode  3) Create a program based on the pseudocode and activity chart diagram  Your submission should consist of two files: a Word document containing the design pseudo-code and activity chart and a Python file (script) which is the final program.  Part 1: Design: This stage requires you to prepare documentation that describes the functionality of the pseudocode and how it is to be tested. There is no coding or code testing involved in this stage.  Requirements:  1) Read all of this assignment sheet first!!! 2) Write pseudocode that describes how the program will operate. a. All program requirements must be included, even if you do not end up including all these requirements in your program code.  b. The algorithm must be structured logically so that it will function correctly.  3) Write five test cases that ensure your program operates correctly Part 2: Activity Flowchart: Create an activity diagram of how the program should operate.  Make sure to use the correct symbols in your diagram for starting, processes, decisions/branches, and ending the process. Once you have completed your activity flowchart, add it to your Word document.  Part 3: Computer Program: You are free to design and implement the program however you see fit. Here are some requirements that must be incorporated into your program.  1. You must display a welcome message when the program starts. At a minimum, this message should contain the name of your program, the name of the program developer and your student ID. 2. Your program should have a text menu that allows the user to: a. Print the following statistics: i. A total number of children in the text file ii. The average number of teeth claims over the years iii. A number of children who have never lost a tooth iv. Number of children who have lost all their baby teeth  b. Print to a new file, a list of children who haven’t lost any teeth. The user should be given  the chance to enter a filename. c. Display a graph showing the number of claims per State d. Display a graph comparing the overall average number of teeth lost for two given States  3. To help with the readability of your code, you should use functions 

ITECH1400- Fundamentals of Programming- Pseudo Code to analyze the CSV file- IT Assignment help

This particular task is split into three main components. In the part A, designing of pseudo code for analyzing the CSV file is required. In part B, creation of an activity chart is needed which is depicting the behavior of pseudo code. The third part C requires the creation of a program on the basis of pseudo code along with the activity chart diagram. The entire phase of IT has already depicted significant improvements in communication development. Today quite a large number of students have already enrolled for IT courses all over the world. Writing IT assignments is arduous task and require thorough analysis and research. This is the reason why many students take the help from our assignment help experts online. Our best Australian writers provide excellent ITECH1400- Fundamentals of Programming- Pseudo Code to analyze the CSV file- IT Assignment help.  Our experienced writers deliver content which is most relevant to the topic and demonstrate extensive research and thorough studies.  So get ready to unlock your ITECH1400 subject assignment answers. Gain instant assistance from our best professional assignment help today! Visit our website for gaining further information!

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