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ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor App- IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH2000 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

You need to do create a functioning app that does the described functionality (listed later) for the following scenario: Scenario: The app you will be developing will be used by event bookers who are promoting social gatherings. e.g. LAN Parties, Board Game Nights The event organiser has a range of events. Customer can book a seat on a table at an event, and if circumstances change they can remove their reservation at a later time, but not when it is less than 1 day before the event. The event organisers want you to make an app that can be used to store seat reservation information, and the arrival times of people at the event. The “Requirements” listed below will help to explain what functionality the app needs to achieve. If you feel you cannot achieve a particular feature, then please try the other features and then come back to it. Remember that you can ask the lecturer questions by email to clarify what is meant by any of the following requirements. To get full marks you will need to ensure that you have made use of each of the following components or constructs somewhere in your app: • a Notifier • a Spinner or ListView (or both) • a CheckBox • Labels • TextBoxes • Buttons • A Clock and instants • HorizontalArrangement or TableArrangement (or both) • a TinyDB component to gain access to persistent data stored in a database. • the list construct • a repetition construct • a decision construct • a boolean (AND or OR) expression. • Procedures you have defined using the ‘to do’ or ‘to do … result’ blocks. Level 1 – Compulsory Tasks I expect all students should be able to complete all the requirements in Level 1. By completing these requirements, you should definitely get a ‘pass’ grade for the assignment, provided you have done things the correct and intended way. Requirement 1: There must be a welcome screen This screen should be the first one presented to the user when they start your app – thus it needs to be done on “Screen1”. The screen needs to have mechanisms to get to the various other functions that are offered by the app. Requirement 2: Obtain information about a customer It must be possible to enter the details of a new customer into the app. The customer might make several reservations for different events, or even just one event. However, before a reservation can be made, the customers details need to be input into the app. The following details need to be input: • The email of the customer • The name of the customer • A 5 digit reference code that does not start with zeros (e.g. 10000 is the smallest acceptable value). • Whether the customer is an adult There must be a specific screen where the user will enter this information. After validating the input, the screen should pass the inputted information to the prior screen (the screen we were at before we came to this screen for input). This screen should not store the information anywhere – it must return the information to the prior screen

ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor App- IT Assignment help

In this assessment task, the student is required to carry out the implementation of the in appinventor a multi screen app that is based on the concerned project specification. This particular app will be utilizing an extensive array of components that has been already taught including the week 7. A brief report is to be submitted which comprises of pseudocode along with the description of how this solution will be utilizing various concepts that have already been learnt. Our team of best Australian writers and tutors has been providing ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor App- IT Assignment help.  Our company is the recognized online educational assistance provider who has been catering to the college students studying in many universities and college of the world. Whatever your IT concerns are, our company assists you in achieving the top class assignments and homework solutions within the deadline. Placing an order at our assignment help Australia portal is just a few steps process. Is not that simple! Visit our website today!



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