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ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor- Subreddit List IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH2000 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

Assignment Task: Overview  You will implement in AppInventor a multi-screen app, based on a given project specification. This app  will use a range of components taught up to and including Week 11 of the course. You will also submit  a brief report containing pseudocode and a description of how your solution utilises various concepts  learned in class.  Learning Outcomes Assessed  The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment.  K1. Understand constructs typical of many programming languages such as: variables, expressions,  assignment, sequence, selection, iteration, procedures, parameters, return values.  A1. Design, develop, test and debug mobile apps from a given textual program specification. S1. Analyse the input, processing and output needs of small programming problems. S2. Design code sequences to realise algorithms in a programming language.  S3. Design basic user interfaces and develop storyboards to convey designed interaction sequences. S5. Develop test cases to ensure correct behaviour.  Assessment Details  This assignment contains two parts: an app and a brief report.   1. App Details  Your assignment is to develop an Android application, using MIT AppInventor, which will store a list of  interesting “subreddits” from the popular social website Reddit , and download the  current top posts from those “subreddits” for viewing. If you are not familiar with the Reddit platform,  you can read more about it here: As your application will only be  reading information from the Reddit API (and not posting any information), you will not be required to  register your own account on Reddit for this assignment.  Screen 1: Subreddit List  When the application is first opened, a screen should be displayed which contains a list of “subreddits”  that the user has previously added, as well as a “Add New Subreddit” button. When clicked, this  should open Screen 2, where the user inputs a subreddit name that is returned back to this screen and  added to the list of “subreddits” (if it’s not a duplicate that is already in the list).  Once the user has added a subreddit, it should be displayed in the list of subreddits. The list of  subreddits should be persisted using a TinyDB so that it can be reloaded after the user closes and  reopens the app or returns to this screen from another screen. As an added feature, the list of  subreddits should always display in alphabetical order using a sorting algorithm (see Week 10  materials). 

ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor- Subreddit List IT Assignment help

In this IT project, the student has to implement AppInventor which is the multi screen app that is based upon the project specification. This app will be utilizing an array of components that are taught up to & also includes the week eleven of course. A brief report is required to be submitted including the pseudocode along with the description of how different concepts are being utilized in the solution. Our IT assignment help service has been specifically designed and developed for assisting students in producing flawless IT papers. Our best Australian writers and tutors provide top class ITECH2000- Mobile Development Fundamentals- AppInventor- Subreddit List IT Assignment help. All our assignment writing experts consider each and every order as their own and ensure that students secure best possible grades in the semesters. We deliver plagiarism free work and even our price structure is also affordable with unlimited number of revisions.  With instant and urgent assignment help and 24*7 availability, hire assignment writers from our educational assistance company.


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