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ITECH3108- Dynamic Web Programming- Motorcycle Dating- IT assignment help

Code- ITECH3108 Assignment help

Subject- IT assignment help

Assignment Task: Learning Outcomes Assessed

  The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:  K1. Detect opportunities for increasing security and privacy of web applications S1. Develop client/server web applications using client-side and server-side code S2. Connect to and manipulate a database management system programmatically using server-side code A1. Design, develop, test, and debug client/server web applications to provided specifications  Assessment Details  For this assignment, you will create a web-based online dating system, vaguely similar to "Plenty of Fish" or "Ok Cupid".  Your platform is dedicated to matching up people with a shared interest in a certain topic - for your assignment the topic is Motorcycle Dating, a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet.  Users can create accounts, indicate a set of motorcycles that they like, and find people to message who like similar motorcycles.  You must implement this platform using PHP and MySQL or MariaDB, with some JavaScript for validation. 

ITECH3108- Dynamic Web Programming- Motorcycle Dating- IT assignment help

In this particular assessment task, the students are required to design, develop, test and at the same time debug client/server web applications for specifications which are illustrated in the question file. This project pertains to the creation of web based online dating system which is dedicated to match up the people who are motorcycle enthusiasts.  The users are required to create accounts, indicate their set of motorcycles and find the people for messaging who are having interests in similar motorcycles. This web based online platform is required to be implemented using the PHP, MySQL or MariaDB along with some of the JavaScript for validation. It is a well known fact that whenever the situation becomes too complicated to handle, the first of the thing that comes in our mind is to seek external assistance. The same goes with the students while writing assignments and homework.  The university students are burdened with several of assignments and projects during each and every semester. But now they can seek our ITECH3108- Dynamic Web Programming- Motorcycle Dating- IT assignment help online and get best quality subject solutions delivered to their mailbox.  With an instant reply & urgent assignment help 24*7, get the most sophisticated and premium educational assistance online. Get the most affordable project help with just a click now.



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