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ITECH701- Leadership in IT Project Management- Communication Skills- Leadership Assignment help

Code- ITECH701 Assignment help

Subject- Leadership Assignment help

Assignment Task : Purpose  To provide an opportunity for students to explore the contributions to society and/or business of a successful leader and share this knowledge while practicing their verbal communication skills.  Learning Outcomes Assessed  The following learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: K2, K4, A1.  Assessment Details  Background  Being able to present to an audience is an essential skill for project manager to develop. There are a variety of different settings where project managers may be required to present, from a small team meeting, to a large corporate board and shareholder meeting.  It is important that every presentation take account of whom the audience is. A presentation delivered to an interdisciplinary audience who may have no specialist knowledge of your field will be very different to a presentation in front of learned specialists – even if you are presenting essentially the same project at both venues.  For assistance in giving oral presentations, see:  Requirements  This is an individual task (however in large classes this task may be done in teams). You are required to give a video presentation, on a person you consider to be a successful leader (e.g. JFK, a friend etc.). There should be evidence of research you have undertaken through links to theoretical literature, and appropriate referencing. Your presentation should provide details of your chosen persons’:  a) leadership style and characteristics b) stories of their successes c) why they appeal to you d) lessons for project managers  You may be required to give your presentation live or recorded (please check with your lecturer or tutor). You can record your video using Kaltura (see support and instructions book in moodle) or some other appropriate video editing software.  Your presentation should adhere to the following:  • Created using MS Powerpoint or some other appropriate presentation software, utilising no more than 6 slides  • Include a discussion of points (a) – (d) above  • Demonstrate appropriate verbal communication techniques  • Duration of 4–5 minutes 

ITECH701- Leadership in IT Project Management- Communication Skills- Leadership Assignment help

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