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ITECH7406- Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing- Research Report Writing-IT Assignment help

Code- ITECH7406 Assignment help

Subject- IT Assignment help

Assignment Task: ITECH7406: IT Research Report Writing Assignment Help Background Business analytics and Data Mining techniques can help organizations make sense of -- and gain a competitive advantage from -- all the data that they have in their systems. Business analytics includes “decision management, content analytics, planning and forecasting, discovery and exploration, business intelligence, predictive analytics, data and content management, stream computing, data warehousing, information integration and governance” (IBM, 2013, p. 4). There are different types of business intelligence analytics that an organization can take advantage of, including predictive analytics, text analytics and text mining, sentiment analysis, customer analytics and business intelligence data mining. Data Mining is the process of analyzing large data-sets to identify trends and patterns in the data. The data can be generated through different sources such as social media, websites, transactions, mobile devices, sensors, etc. The information extracted from this data helps organizations to derive their real business value and generate new business opportunities. In the light of above information write a 3000 words research report on specific business analytics and Data Mining techniques applications that derive business value and generate new business opportunities in any of the following three (3) industry verticals. Illustrate the impact of these techniques on businesses with examples of application from the chosen domain. Choose only any THREE (3) domains from the following list: 1. Transportation industry – in this domain the business analytics help stakeholders in making effective decision in Traffic control, route planning, intelligent transport systems and congestion management (by predicting traffic conditions). Also, could be useful for route planning to save on fuel and time, for travel arrangements in tourism etc. revenue management, technological enhancements, logistics and for competitive advantage (by consolidating shipments and optimizing freight movement), etc. 2. Banking industry - Data mining techniques can be used to detect financial fraud, including credit card fraud, corporate fraud and money laundering. 3. Health Care industry - Health care applications include discovery of patterns in radiological images, analysis of microarray (gene-chip) experimental data to cluster genes. Moreover, chronic disease states and high-risk patients can be tracked. 4. Manufacturing industry - Large volumes of data from the manufacturing industry are untapped. The underutilization of this information prevents improved quality of products, energy efficiency, reliability, and better profit margins. Business analytics can be used in solving today’s manufacturing challenges and to gain competitive advantage among other benefits. 5. Education industry - Major challenge in the education industry is to incorporate big data from different sources and vendors and to utilize it. Business analyticscan be used to measure teacher’s effectiveness, overall progress of a student over time and effectiveness of curriculum, etc. 6. Customer Relationship Management - Data mining and analytics provides efficient tools to analyze customer data for the purpose of decision-making. Moreover, data mining aids analysis of buy

ITECH7406- Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing- Research Report Writing-IT Assignment help

This is the report based assessment task and students are required to work in group. The learners are required to develop a written report reviewing all the applications of business intelligence analytics & data mining within varied industry domains in the context of decision making. The ultimate goal of this assessment task is to facilitate the learners to completely understand the manner in which business intelligence and data mining techniques have already revolutionized the business world.  Since IT domain offers the bright future to the students, many students opt for the IT in the higher studies. However writing IT assignments and homework takes a lot of time and calculations as well as concentrations of students. Thus they find it quite hard to finish the papers on time. If you are going through the same, take our best and professional assignment help. Our company has been delivering ITECH7406- Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing- Research Report Writing-IT Assignment help to the students. Our writing service is affordable and the students can gain maximum value of their money. Connect to our assignment help experts today!


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