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List cloud computing service providers, compare cloud services.

Question - 

Select one of the cloud service provider from your list and learn about the services it provides. If necessary, create a trial account and use all the different services it offers. Take screenshots to record some of those services while using them.

List of best cloud serviced provider:

  1. Amazon web service:
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM
  4. Red hat
  5. Google cloud platform
  6. GoDaddy
  7. HP
  8. Rackspace
  9. VMware
  10. Toggle box

Amazon web service: Amazon web service is provided o the cloud and the are the provider of cloud computing. Amazon services can be operate from the 12 geographical regions around the world. Amazon services include the elastic compute cloud (EC2) and simple storage service (S3). There are other many features that are supported by AWS.

EC2 contains the Browser, filter and search engines, manage elastic IP addresses, mange security group rules etc. Elastic load balancing it handle the load balancing. It adds, remove, browse, filter and search load balancers. S3, Route 53, RDS (relational database service), auto scaling, elastic beanstalk, DynamoDb are the other functions available in the Amazon web service.

IBM Bluemix: IBM bluemix helps in real problems. It also helps the applications, infrastructure and services value in the business point of view. IBM is based on the open source platform ad a service (PaaS). It delivers the business level services that can easily integrate with your cloud application. Bluemix offers the services as MySQL, Node.js, Ruby on rails, postgress database, and map reduce etc in a catalogue.

Comparison between AWS and IBM BlueMix

Services provided by the IBM Bluemix

  1. It managed cloud managed services, SAP, Oracle, security services and services for system z
  2. It Advisory CIO services, professional services, transformation services and workload transformation analysis.
  3. It designs bluemix garage method, digital foundation and infrastructure strategy and design.
  4. It provides the development services like DevOps, enterprise application development and quality and testing services
  5. It provides migration services, builder professional and business solution services.
  6. It provides integration like oracle optimization and SAP optimization
  7. It also provides security for identity and access management, incident response and security strategy risk and compliance.

Services provided by the AWS (Amazon web Service)

  1. AWS step functions: for coordinated distributed applications
  2. Amazon API Gateway: Build, deploy and manage APIs
  3. Amazon elastic transcoder: easy to use scalable media transcoding
  4. It provides the mobile services
    1. AWS mobile hub: build, test and monitor apps
    2. Amazon API gateway: Build, deploy and manage APIs
    3. Amazon cognito: user identify and app data synchronization
    4. Amazon Pinpoint: push notifications for mobile Apps.
    5. AWS device Farm: Test android, fireOS, and Apps on Real devices in the cloud
    6. AWS mobile SDK: mobile software development kit.


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