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M/617/1176- Research project & paper writing sample assessment questions business research assignment help

Code- M/617/1176 assignment help Subject- business research assignment help Unit M/617/1176 Research Project Sample Assignment Context To achieve this unit, you are required to formulate a research question, produce a plan and carry out a research project. You will then evaluate the research outcomes and present the research project and its findings. The subject of the research must be discussed and agreed with your tutor before you commence the work. Much of this unit will be assessed based on the final report. Task 1 – Design a research project This task will help you to scope out the research project and sharpen your thinking on what will be included. It will also provide vital information that you will need to include in the final report. You will need to: • Explain the key factors that you need to consider in selecting an appropriate research question, for example feasibility and availability of necessary resources including time and expertise (AC1.1) • Formulate a focused research question that clearly relates to your chosen area of study or identified problem (AC1.2) • Evaluate different research methodologies and identify a specific methodology that will address the research question (AC1.3) • Produce a project plan for your research, to include: • specific tasks to be completed • sequence of tasks • timings • key milestones and review dates • how the research will be monitored (AC1.4) Merit Task To achieve a Merit, your final report must identify the risk factors in your research project and project plan and ways in which you plan to mitigate them. (AC1M1) Distinction Task To achieve a Distinction, your report must justify the methodology chosen to address the research question. (AC1D1, AC1D2) You should ask your tutor to review your proposed research question, methodology and project plan before proceeding to Task 2. Task 2 – Monitoring progress of the research project In this task you will monitor the progress of your research. You must keep notes as you undertake the research project as you will need to provide evidence that you have monitored the progress of your research in relation to the project plan (AC2.2). Undertake the research project. The assessor will check that you have undertaken the research in accordance with the research project plan as s/he marks the final report (AC2.1). Merit Task To achieve a Merit, your final report must include an analysis of your personal strengths and weaknesses in undertaking the research project. (AC2M1) Distinction Task To achieve a Distinction, your final report must include an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the research methodology and the research project plan and an explanation of how the methodology and plan could be improved. (AC2D1) Task 3 – Reaching conclusions and presenting the research Your final project report must include • an evaluation of the research outcomes in relation to the original research question (AC3.1) • an explanation of where and how the research outcomes could benefit from further investigation (AC3.2) • an assessment of the possible impact of the research outcomes (AC 3.3) • Your final research and its outcomes should be presented in a format that is appropriate to the audience (AC4.1). Guidelines for assessors The assignments submitted by students must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. The suggested evidence listed below is how students can demonstrate that they have met the required standard. Although the assessment brief sequences the learners’ work on the assignment into three separate tasks, the assessment vehicle will be the overall research project report or presentation with accompanying notes. M/617/1176- Research project & paper writing sample assessment questions business research assignment help This unit pertains to the business research sample assessment. In this business research project, the learner is required to first of all, design research question, produce a plan and conduct the research reaching out for the conclusions, recommendations and presentation. All the points to be included in the business research project are clearly illustrated in the question file. The business research is not a single discipline but this is something which is rather multidisciplinary. The issues involved in the business research are quite extensive and require broad focus. The students who are undertaking M/617/1176 assignments should possess in depth investigation & at same time observatory skills. However, many students are unable to conduct the thorough research and thus, there is always a lucrative option to hire our professional assignment help Australia. Our academic writing service manages to deliver extraordinary M/617/1176- Research project & paper writing sample assessment questions business research assignment help. We have been catering to the students studying in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other parts of the world. Our assignment writing experts not only caters to your unique M/617/1176 project demand but also guides you thoroughly in order to develop a clear understanding about the topic. For further queries, connect to our customer support executive today!

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