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Management and Organisational Consulting

Code -MPM715 assignment help Subject - Management and Organisational Consulting assignment help Assessment Feedback: As this is an opportunity for students to provide commentary which is subjective and personal in nature, there will be no formal feedback provided with your mark. Objective During the trimester you were asked to complete three pre-seminar activities; as an independent management consultant, you may be called upon to carry out these types of activities so that you can successfully ‘pitch’ for and complete consulting contracts. An inability to perform these tasks in real life will almost certainly result in sub-optimal outcomes. Task Requirements Your objective in this assessment is to reflect on your personal experiences in completing the pre-assessment tasks, working through the individual and group assignments and determining how the unit has impacted your view of independent management consultants and the profession. Your response must provide detailed narrative on the following: • Research • Planning • Networking • Pitching • Stakeholder Management • Your handling of dynamic change • Communication • Strategy • Post Implementation Activity

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