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• Ensure that your first name, surname, student number, the course code number and total number of pages appear on the front cover of your assignment.

• Assignments must be submitted online via the Turnitin link on your course subject page. Assignments may not be submitted via e-mail.

Here is an example of the assignment submission link:

• You will find instructions on how to upload assignments in the Turnitin guide to submitting papers here:

• Answer this assignment according to the guidelines in the Assignment Submission Guide, which you can download here: _Guide_Acad_ver7.pdf

• Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the frequently used terms in assessments. For an explanation of assessment terminology, go to: _Guide_Acad_ver7.pdf

• Start this assignment as soon as possible. It will help you focus on important parts of the subject content early in your studies. Referencing

• Plagiarism is a serious offence. Do not copy directly from any text unless absolutely necessary. Enclose quotes in inverted commas to indicate that they are not your words, and include an in-text reference with each quote. Paraphrase all the reference comments that you use and include appropriate reference and page numbers.

• Use the in-text referencing method prescribed by Regenesys under guidelines and policies on the student portal. Consult the referencing mark allocation guide for the minimum number of references needed for this assignment.

• Full referencing of all sources, including page numbers in in-text referencing, is essential. For example: (Gitman, 2010:15) in text, and then in your reference list: Gitman, L.J. 2010, Principles of Managerial Finance, Cape Town: Pearson Education.

• Extensive and credible academic references are required to demonstrate that you have researched the topics fully and so that you can substantiate your arguments critically.

NOTE: At postgraduate level, you are expected to substantiate your answers with evidence from independent research.

You may work on this assignment in a group BUT you must write the assignment individually, and in your own words. If NOT,

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