MGMT1601- Property Law assignment help

Code- MGTMT 1601 assignment help

Subject- Law assignment help


Case 1

Melissa owns a small building in the Inglewood area of Calgary. Last December, she rented an apartment in the building to David and his spouse Ana Adani for a monthly rent of $3,600. The couple moved in immediately but refused to pay any rent at all. The whole amount of rent is outstanding for last 11 months and not paid by the tenant.
Question 2. What rights does Melissa have and what actions can she take and explain the obligations of David in this scenario? 
Question 3. Highlight the expected results of this scenario by using specific rules and laws.

Case 2

Mr. Bob (The Landlord) claimed to be entitled to retain the sum of $1,324.21 out of the deposit for the following reasons: (i) Mr. Justin (The Tenant) caused stains on carpets in the bedroom and lounge and the Landlord had been obliged to replace the carpets at a cost of $1,075; as the life of pale coloured carpets in a rented property was no more than 4 years, and the carpets was already used for 2 years (ii) The Tenant failed to look after two houseplants, each of which was worth $30, and the Landlord had therefore suffered loss of $60.
Question 4. What rights and obligations are available for both parties?
Question 5. Is Mr. Justin liable for $1324.21? If not, how much amount is Mr. Bob entitled to retain and how to deal with the balance amount? 

The tenancy came to an end following a fire at the property. Sophia (The Landlord) claimed that the fire was the Tenant’s responsibility. The Fire Brigade provided a summary of the reasons for the fire, which was caused by an electric heater overheating. The supposed cause of the fire was combustible material too close to the heater. The heater cover provided by the Landlord caught fire first, according to the Fire Brigade summary.
Question 6. Who would be responsible for the fire and what are the remedies available to other party? 

Case 3

Assume you are the landlord of the house and the tenant reside in your house for last six months. It was found that one window was broken. The heat is not working properly and tenant complained about the problem to you twice. But it was not repaired by you.
Question 7. Who is responsible for the repair of each item?
Question 8. Assume tenant paid for the repair of each item? What are the rights and obligations for both parties?

MGMT1601- Property Law assignment help

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