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MIS604 Requirement Engineering

Code -MIS604 assignment help Subject- Requirement Engineering assignment help Task Summary This Assessment requires you to respond to a case study. The same case study will be used for all three assessments so that you can develop insights into the different facets of Requirements Engineering. For this assessment, you are required to produce an individual report of 1500 words (+/-10%) detailing a requirements elicitation plan for the case organisation. The report should contain the following: a) A Stakeholder Engagement Plan b) An Elicitation Activity Plan Context Business Analysts work with organisations to improve organisational processes and systems. One of the most important parts of a Business Analysts job is to elicit requirements from stakeholders so that there is a clear understanding of what will be required from the new system. This requires a Business Analyst to understand who their stakeholders are, how to engage with them and which elicitation methods to use. This assessment aims to develop your knowledge and skills in this area and to lay down the foundation of knowledge for your future professional practice. Task Instructions 1. Please read the attached MIS604_Assessment_Case Study 2. Write 1500 words (+/-10%) requirements elicitation plan, which reflects the given case study. 3. Review your subject notes to establish the relevant area of investigation that applies to the case. Re-read any relevant readings for module 1 and 2 for this subject. Perform additional research and investigation and select five additional sources in elicitation methods to add depth to your explanation of method selection. 4. Plan how you will structure your ideas for your report and write a report plan before you start writing. 5. The report DOES NOT require an executive summary or abstract.

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