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MIS716 – Artificial Intelligence for Business

Code -MIS716 assignment help Subject- Artificial Intelligence for Business assignment help Description The objective of this assignment is to assess your ability to critically evaluate AI opportunities (ULO2) and impact these have in both organisational and societal contexts (ULO3) and develop AI recommendations that meet organisational and social needs (ULO2). More specifically, you are required to develop and deliver a business proposal on how the organisation in the provided case study (see below) can best embrace AI. The proposal should include the following components: • An analysis of the organisation, its complexity, relevant stakeholders and social context. The analysis is to include the identification and discussion of the stakeholders’ needs in relation to the requirements of an AI solution using the BHT Framework. • The proposed solution and a list of recommendations and justification why these are effective and suitable for the organisation to embrace AI. In addition, you are required to reflect on and critique own knowledge of AI and professional skills and plan for future professional development. Case study PizziaEila is a restaurant chain of over forty outlets in Australia. The business chain was opened in the middle 1980s. PizziaEila offers delicious pizza, pasta and various Italian-style cuisine. In addition, their restaurants offer a special place for customers to experience excellent service quality and a warm, homely atmosphere. PizziaEila is proactive in digital transformation and innovation. Under the leadership of Mr Paulo Cassano, Head of Technology, they operate an eCom website, a mobile app, and a Facebook business page to list their shops’ locations, menu and food photos, and contact details, receive orders as well as interacting with their customers. In addition, they also advertise their foods via Yelp. The Technology team provides technical support and information services to the Customer Experience and Sales teams to interact with customers and receive orders through their eCom website, the app, Facebook and Yelp pages. The Sales teams receive a consistent number of daily food orders via the app. Currently, all PizziaEila restaurants take pick-up orders, while several restaurants take both pickup and delivery services. Similar to other businesses, PizziaEila struggles with social distancing and lockdown restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, they face various challenges, for example, staff exposure risks with walk-in or pick-up customers, driver exposure risks when delivering foods, ingredient supply prediction and management, and reduced capacity requirements. Furthermore, strong competition Page 2 of 9 is another challenge since many pizza makers also offer online ordering and new pizza styles. Consequently, PizziaEila is keen to explore various AI technologies - for example AI robots, virtual assistants, cognitive automation, AI-enabled process automation using AI techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, or image processing etc. – to remain sustainable and competitive. Paulo Cassano has invited you and your team to explore the AI possibilities and develop an AI proposal. As a consultant, your mission is to prepare a business report to help PizziaEila decide on a relevant and responsible AI solution to develop and implement. You are required to select one or several of the above-stated challenges and propose an AI solution that would help PizziaEila remain sustainable and competitive. You are also asked to present the AI solution by using several essential user stories and justify it.

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