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MIS780 – Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Business Trimester 2, 2021

Code -MIS780 assignment help Subject-Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Business assignment help Assessment Tasks You are to conduct a research and write a report about business applications of specific analytics and AI solutions. You are to search on the Internet (e.g., business websites) and Academic Databases (e.g., SCOPUS, Science Direct) for business case studies that employed the selected solutions. Each business case study can be a business report or a scholarly (journal/conference) article about a specific solution. You should read the collected articles, understand their business problems, and critically evaluate the employed analytics/AI solutions. You should write a critical review and analyse each of the case studies following the (suggested) points below: • Businesses problem: Which industry does the firm(s)/organization(s) belong? Summarize and define their business problem(s). • Methodology: What insights are to be discovered? Or What tasks are to be solved? Critically evaluate and justify why such Analytics/AI approach was used in relation to the business problem(s)? Was the Analytics/AI approach used in combination with other Analytics/AI approach approaches? If yes, why, and how? If no, why not? • Data: Describe the data used in the case study: data source, data collection, attributes, and/or other relevant information. • Analysis: Describe the steps taken to process the collected data. Explain how the Analytics/AI was applied to the processed data. Note that explanation should link to the relevant technical concepts of the analytics/AI techniques introduced in the weekly contents. • Result: Describe the major results and findings. Critically evaluate and explain why the outcomes are sufficient or insufficient to address the business problem defined in the case study. • Implication: What practical implications were offered? What benefits can the firm(s)/organization(s) gain from such recommendations/solutions? Note that above points should be treated mainly as a guide. It is depending on the specific case study and analytics/AI solution, so that the specific contents can be varied where necessary. The selected case studies should be relevant to the following topics: • Social Network Analysis (Week 7) • Evolutionary Computation (Week 8) • Recommender Systems or Fuzzy Control Systems (Week 9) – select one only. • Cognitive Computing or Robotic Process Automation (Week 10) – select one only. Among the selected case studies, at least two must come from scholarly articles published in Academic Databases. In addition to the case studies, you should also research and use extra resources to support your critical evaluation throughout the report. You can use text, tables or figures from the online resources; however, appropriate paraphrasing and summarization must be applied, citations and references must be provided.

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