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MITS6005 : Big Data Major Assignment

Code -MITS6005 assignment help Subject- Big Data assignment help The purpose of assessment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes: LO2: Expertly apply techniques to perform big data query manipulation, evaluate various data storage option and type of aggregated data modelling. Through a critical study, choose an appropriate storage model based on the application requirements for processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data. LO3: Independently perform data manipulation and querying (including updates, transactions, and indexes) big data applications dealing with high volume using NoSQL. Organize, store the collected data and manipulate by crafting queries. For example, using Hive, HBase and related data tools. LO4: Carry out research on emerging Big Data technologies to evolve models/solutions such as configurable and executable compute jobs on top of using distributed and shared memory architecture and Resilient Distributed Data Sets (RDDs). LO5: Implement typical solution use cases in big data context using technologies such as MapReduce and Spark Framework and using ecosystems such as Hadoop (or other similar platform).

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