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MN601 : Network Project Management

Code - MN601 assignment help Subject- Network Project Management assignment help Assignment Description In 2020-2021, we have witnessed various success and failure stories of projects because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an example, Australia’s COVIDSafe tracking app has been labelled as a $2 million failure due to its inability to identify people having the corona virus [1]. On the other hand, online meeting platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets flourished because of it. In this assessment task, students firstly need to identify either a successful or failed project related to networking, IoT or Information Technology in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021. You need to explain why the project either succeeded or failed. Research on a project in your selected area and find suitable topics that fit the group’s research interest. Choose a clear and succinct project since this will lead to the work for the main assignment. Based on this previous research, students will then develop a similar project for the main assignment. You need to prepare a proposal including its final report of the project. The proposal template is available on Moodle. The project duration should be at least 6 months or more. Before starting, seek approval for the proposed project from your laboratory tutor. Students need to address all stages of Project Management as outlined in the unit. A project management software, MS Project, must be used. The project report should include all phases of a project life cycle. Project Management Plan helps the management team to maintain a constant focus towards delivering the project in accordance with the customer needs and expectations.

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