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MPM715 – Management and Organisational Consulting

Code -MPM715 assignment help Subject- Management and Organisational Consulting assignment help Assessment Feedback: As there is no exam in MPM715, students will receive their mark and feedback for this assessment piece following the official release of Trimester 2 results. Objective Congratulations! Following your tender response, AMP have selected you, along with two other consultants, to work (as a group) on a six-month contract to solve a significant problem within AMP. Note: The problem you choose must be significant and based on the information contained in the AMP case study. All group participants must all agree with the problem chosen. Despite your success in being selected, you now realise that the ‘real’ work is about to begin. Once you have chosen the problem, your primary objective (ie. the focus of this report) is to develop a comprehensive consulting plan to ensure that the problem is solved (this includes the implementation of your solution) within the stipulated six month timeframe. Page 2 of 5 Workplace Business Report 1. This report will be completed by a team of 3 individuals. 2. Each group will formulate their understanding of the problem from the AMP case study (agreed to by all team members) and prepare a comprehensive consulting plan in business report format. 3. In preparing this report, you can assume that AMP has approved funding up to the value of $2 million dollars. 4. The main body of your report must be structured using the following headings (below) which also contains a brief about what each section of the report must address: Consulting Plan and Rationale ▪ You are required to produce a detailed consulting plan. The problem chosen must be clearly articulated and you must provide justification as to why it has been chosen (ie. What value will it generate for AMP when it has been solved?) ▪ You must also stipulate what success will look like once the problem has been solved (and the solution implemented). ▪ Whilst your contract is for six months, AMP’s executive team expects to see details of the tasks and activities your team will undertake to ensure that the contract is delivered successfully. Note: This will require negotiation with AMP re: their expectations and yours. Failure to do this will result in a loss of five marks.

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