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Code - MN601 assignment help Subject - NETWORK PROJECT MANAGEMENT assignment help SECTION D: PM ETHICS [Total: 25 Marks] Finally, you are at the end of your interview. One of the interviewers realises that you are still completing your final project regarding a novel security system for an enterprise company. The interviewer then starts to ask for more details about the novel method developed in your final project. Currently your supervisor and project team members have worked on a patent application about the novel security method, and everyone has agreed not to disclose any detailed information regarding the project to another party. You explain to the interviewers regarding the patent matter, but one of the interviewers continues to ask further questions about the method and he/she remains unsatisfied with your answers. Beside this, he/she indicates that there is a higher chance that you will get the position if you provide the detailed information regarding the novel security method.

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