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Organisation and Management Consulting - Individual Assignment

Code -MPM715 assignment help Subject - Organisation and Management Consulting assignment help The Company The AMP Limited Group (AMP) is an iconic brand in the Australian corporate landscape, however the last five years has seen it in the news for all the wrong reasons. This once proud and successful company has been in decline due to accusations of employee bullying and harassment, culminating in a toxic workplace environment. Industry analysts report that AMP’s inability to address these issues will manifest in declining public and shareholder confidence, and reputational and financial damage that may prove to be fatal. In light of the above, AMP’s executive team has decided to draw a line in the sand and confront these issues head-on by commissioning an independent tender panel to select three highly qualified and skilled independent management consultants to work with the company. You are very interested in working with AMP because you realise that a successful outcome will most likely lead to further opportunities in the sector. However, in order to convince the panel that you should be selected as one of the three consultants, your preparation and planning, even before responding to the tender, will be critical to your success.

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