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Do men and women experience romantic jealousy differently? Address this in relation to relevant theories and empirical evidence

The Role of Violent Mass Media in Promoting Violent Behaviour: Television, Film and
Video Games

The turn of the twentieth century brought about a monumental shift in the social
environment that we live in today. The advent of the internet, social networking, and
advancements in technology have all led to the creation of a continuously connected, online
world in which mass media influences all aspects of daily life. While primarily beneficial,
one aspect of media has been widely debated as causing distinctly deleterious effects on
consumers and the society in general (Huesmann & Taylor, 2006). This aspect is media
violence. In 2010, one study found that American children consumed seven hours of
entertainment media a day (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010). Meanwhile, another study
found that a majority of this media contained violent content (Thompson, Tepichin, &
Haninger, 2006). Over the years, researchers across countries have investigated the link
between violent media depictions and violent behavior. The majority of findings propose a
very direct link between increases in media consumption and corresponding increases in
violent behavior. However, before embarking on our critical appraisal of current literature, it
must be impressed upon the reader that multiple factors interact to produce violent behavior.
Thus, media violence must be regarded as one of a number of factors that predispose violent
behavior and not the sole cause of violence in and of itself. Be that as it may, research has
suggested that for adolescents through to middle-aged adults, the best single predictor of
violence is the manifestation of childhood aggression, which is influenced by violent media
(Huesmann, Eron, & Dubow, 2003). For the purposes of this review, media violence is
defined as portrayals of physical aggression perpetrated by one human being against another
while violent behavior pertains to extreme forms of physical aggression that pose the risk of
significant injury to the receiving party (Huesmann & Taylor, 2006). The aim of this review
is, therefore, to critically evaluate the role of violent mass media in promoting violent

PSY3150 Psychology- Role of violent mass media assignment help

This assessment task entails preparing a review on the case study which illustrates the role of the violent mass media in the promotion of violent behaviors. In the review, the learner first has to introduce and define the key questions. Then the problem critical to the topic is to be discussed clearly and also described.

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