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Part 1 -Includes

Format should strictly include the format of the research template which is attached to this email: 

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction and Research Background
  3. Research Objectives and Questions
  4. Literature Review
  5. Research Methodology
  6. References

Introduction & Literature Review- at least 10-14 academic journals

On e-commerce models in Education, retail and online market place.

Research needs to include Ecommerce business models

Proposed by Dr. Robert Winter -University of St Gallen.

Please find the hyperlinks below we are only allowed to use the mentioned articles and perform our research project.

Word count (4000-4500)

Part 2 – (4000-4500 words)

Take an example of an ecommerce model from the above-mentioned literature review in part 1

Create a business plan

Construct a corporate plan strategy

Create a project schedule

WBS-work Break down structure including resource management

Identify different activities and task.

Design a Critical path.

Use PERT analysis.

SBM 1300| Implementation of E-Commerce platform in Catering Student Services| Research Assignment help

This assignment comprises of the two parts. In the first part, the student has to prepare a research report strictly according to the research report format which is mentioned in the question file. The introduction and literature review must include minimum 10 to 14 academic journals. Also, research must include the ecommerce business models which are actually proposed by Dr. Robert Winter, University of St. Gallen. In the second part, the student is required to take the example of e commerce model from part 1 and develop a business plan. The word count for the two parts is 4000 to 4500 each.

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