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SOC202A Introduction to Social Research Methods

Code - SOC202A assignment help Subject - Introduction to Social Research Methods assignment help Assessment Task: For this assessment, source a journal article of your choice on recent research about a current social issue. The study should have been conducted within the last 5 years. The assessment asks you to critique the paper by discussing the component parts. In answering this assessment, students should first briefly describe the paper, including: 1. the stated rationale and background for the study 2. the aims and objectives of the study 3. an overview of the research methods used, including the techniques for sampling, data collection and data analysis. Then, after the above description of the paper, conduct a critical assessment of the methods used. This should include a critical discussion of the following areas: 1. the overall research design 2. the way key concepts were defined and measured 3. the sampling process 4. the data collection methods 5. the way the data was analysed 6. the approach to interpretation of results 7. ethical issues In your assessment, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the methodological approach showing what could have been done differently and why. Issues of validity and reliability should also be mentioned.

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