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STAT8111 Generalized Linear Models

Code -STAT8111 assignment help Subject- Generalized Linear Models assignment help Instructions • For all the questions please provide the relevant mathematical derivations, the computer output (only using R software) and the plots. • Please submit on iLearn a single PDF file containing all your work (code, computations, plots, etc.). Other file formats (e.g. Word, html) will NOT be accepted. • We strongly recommend you to use Rmarkdown to typeset your solution. This is also the only way to achieve full mark in this assignment. • Don’t include any more R output than necessary and include only concise explanations. • There is a limit of 21 pages for your submission. There will be a 10% penalty if your submission is 22 pages long and another 10% penalty if your submission is 23 pages long. After that, there will be 1% penalty for each CHARACTER (space included) from page 24 onwards. • A late penalty applies if you submit your assignment late without a successful special consideration. See the unit guide for more details. • You should submit the assignment using the Turnitin tool on iLearn. Rubric This assignment is worth 40% of the unit marks. This is an assessment task that will test both, your statistical knowledge and technical skills. • Question 1 [27 marks]. Tests your applied statistics skills • Question 2 [42 marks]. Tests your applied statistics skills • Question 3 [6 marks]. Tests your basic mathematical statistics skills • Question 4 [11 marks]. Tests your intermediate mathematical statistics skills • Question 5 [10 marks]. Tests your RMarkdown/Mathematical Typesetting skills Marking Guide/Rubric for Question 5: • 6 marks are awarded for making your assignment submission reproducible. – Only 3 marks if the assignment file is compiled, eg. from RMD to HTML/Word before converting to PDF. – The full 6 marks if the assignment file is compiled from RMD to PDF (LATEX) directly. • The final 4 marks are awarded for typesetting all the relevant mathematical derivations in LATEX. – You will receive 0 for this part if you hand-written it & take pictures of them or typesetting them in Word or any other format.

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