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SWSP3913 Ageing and Aged Services

Code - SWSP3913 assignment help Subject - Ageing and Aged Services assignment help Assessment Criteria The presentation will be marked according to the following criteria: • Demonstration of in-depth understanding of the selected issue • Analysis and critical evaluation of social issue with substantial use of literature • Ability to clearly present your argument/ ideas in a manner which engages the audience • Team work and individual contributions The written overview will be marked according to the following criteria: • Summary of main points outlined in the presentation • Clarity of expression with attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling • At least six references cited using APA (7th edition) How to do well in Assessment 1 • Select your group and start your research early • Collect relevant empirical evidence (e.g. conduct a database search, ask librarian) • Practice your presentation prior to delivery in class • Submit your written overview online

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