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Code - TH60117E assignment help Subject - EVENT IMPACTS assignment help Assessment 1: Task: Individual Case Study Plan Weighting: 30% Type:Word template (Circa. 500-700 words) • Date/Time/Method of Submission: WEEK 10Monday6th December 2021by 23.59 on Turnitin) (Turnitin Submission Link: Assessment 1 Individual Case Study Plan) Marking Grid: below • Timings and Method of Feedback:Verbal feedback in Weeks 12-14 • Written feedback on Turnitin within 15 days Your case study plan should submit via Turnitin on the template provided in the MSG as instructed: Assessment 1 Details: Title: An outline plan for a case study on (your chosen city) as an ‘eventful ‘city, and how recent regeneration has enabled the destination to become a successful host city for events This case study plan should be put together, using the template and headings provided, using bullet pointsusing bullet points to itemise the points you will develop under each heading in the final essay for assignment 2. All headings including the references you plan to use should be completed, but visuals are NOT necessary. Assessment Criteria: • Content of plan is clear and informative: 40% • Structure and logical flowon subject aredemonstrated: 30% • Relevance of theoretical models and literature used to analyse impact: 20% • Communication of case study plan and overall coherence: 10%

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