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Theory and Simulation Exercises

Subject- Theory and Simulation Exercises assignment help You need to use Packet Tracer to implement the given topology and to complete the following tasks: Part A: Switching, VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routing (25 marks) 1. It is quite important to lock down access and install strong security features on PCs and servers. It is important that your network infrastructure devices, such as switches and routers, are also configured with security features. What is the best practice to prevent mac address flooding attacks? ( 3 marks) 2. Port security allows you to restrict a port’s ingress traffic by limiting the MAC addresses that are allowed to send traffic into the port. Please advise your solution to improve the switch1 port security. (3 marks) 3. PAgP and LACP are negotiation protocols that dynamically configure an EtherChannel. What's the difference between them? (3 marks) 4. Configure three VLANs as required on the switch and enable Trunking on the switch. (5 marks) 5. Configure inter-VLAN routing on Router wagga based on the Addressing Table. (3 marks) 6. Configure RIP/static routing on each router to build up full connectivity between each site to ISP and the Internet server. (3 marks) 7. Verify connectivity by making sure all the PCs can ping the Internet server and ISP (2 marks) (Screenshots required) 8. When a packet arrives on a router interface, the router examines the IPv4 header, identifies the destination IPv4 address, and proceeds through the router lookup process. Please analyze the routing process of routers in the case of ping from Student group 1 to the Internet server. (3 marks) Please save your configured packet tracer file with the name of "PT_yourstudentID_partA" Part B Router hop redundancy (5 marks) 9. A first hop redundancy protocol (FHRP) is a computer networking protocol which is designed to protect the default gateway used on a subnetwork by allowing two or more routers to provide backup for that address; in the event of failure of an active router, the backup router will take over the address. Please configure FHRP on Router Wagga and Router Albury, use the virtual router IP of xx.xx.xx.254. (5 marks) Please save your configured packet tracer file with the name of "PT_yourstudentID_partB" RATIONALE back to top This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: • be able to explain the purpose, nature and operations of routing and switching techniques. • be able to distinguish and analyse different routing and switching protocols. • be able to configure and troubleshoot networks to improve efficiency and security. In this assessment item, tasks are designed to reinforce the application of configuring routers for inter-VLAN communication and configure static routes to reach destinations outside of your network. Your ability demonstrate your skills at configuring inter-VLAN routing, static and default routes are also included. MARKING CRITERIA AND STANDARDS back to top The following criteria are designed to guide you in your presentation and preparation of your assignment. The criteria apply generally across all questions to show you the standard required for each of the criteria.

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