Thinking Skills and problem solving-assignment help

You are a single parent with three young children. Your spouse has just passed away recently due to a motor-road accident. At work, you heard people are talking about your company being downsized and some of the employees will need to resign very soon. You asked some of your colleagues about this. Rita, Shidi and Janet said that the news is true since the company is in a lot of debts now. However, according to Zana, Ramli and Jamil, the news is just a gossip; the company is still in good shape. You are so worried and do not know whether to wait or to apply for a job somewhere else. What should you do? Write a report consist of the followings:

  1. Identify the issue (s)/problem(s) of the case.
  2. Explain how you can judge to accept or reject the reasons and claims given by your colleagues.
  3. Relate the six-step conceptions of problem solving by Hayes (1981) to solve the problem.
  4. Elaborate your solution to the problem using any ONE of the problem solving tools/strategies stated in the module.

Thinking skills & problem solving assignment help

This assignment is based on the case study of problem solving. You have to prepare a report discussing the key points which are mentioned in the question file. In the end, you have to come up with the solution to the problem through the utilization of any one of the problem solving tools or strategies which you have studied in the module.

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