Cloud computing assignment - coit20260

What do you need to do?

The assignment require you to do the following -

• Investigate and identify all the available cloud service providers and list them.

• Select one of the cloud service provider from your list and learn about the services it provides. If necessary, create a trial account and use all the different services it offers. Take screenshots to record some of those services while using them...

Enterprise mobile app conceptualization assignment

What is a mobile app:  It is a software application which is developed and designed to run on the mobile phones. Most of the needed app are auto downloaded in the phone but if you want to installed the other apps you can use the two app stores Google play for android Smartphone’s and App store for the IOS iphones.

Other app stores are Bla...

Business impact of big data

Business impact of big data

Big data is getting more popular as the days are passed. Because everyone is using big data even many companies are telling that it is very effective and it has positive effect on business. Business operations are easier to be done. From past 2 years the problem of overwhelming amount of data is solved. Big data is getting more usable as the datasets are increased. Big data term is used for...