Technologies used in Big Data


  • Cloud computing: Cloud computing is delivering the computer services over the internet. User can access the application as utilities over the internet. Example: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. In 2006 Amazon is the first who provide the first public cloud.

COIT 20253 Business Intelligence using Big Data


What Big Data is, and the difference between Online and Offline Big Data

How to select the right Big Data application for your business, project and desired outcomes. •

What are the technologies available in Big Data?

Business Impact of Big Data

Organizational Impact of Big Data.


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What is Big Data?


Accounting for Managers Q2

Question 2

  1. A local restaurant is noted for its fine food, as evidenced by the large number of customers.  A customer was heard to remark that the secret of the restaurant’s success was its fine chef.  Would you regard the chef as an asset of the business?  If so, would you include the chef on the balance sheet of the business and at what value? Discuss. (2 MARK...

Accounting for Managers

QUESTION: c) Indicate the effect of each of the following transactions on any or all of the three financial statements of a business: (5 MARKS)


  1. Statement of financial position

  2. Statement of financial performance

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