Enterprise mobile app conceptualization, risk involved

Conceptualization Entreprise Application Assignment What is a mobile app: It is a software application which is developed and designed to run on the mobile phones. Most of the needed app are auto downloaded in the phone but if you want to installed the other apps you can use the two app stores Google play for android Sm...

Operators in Python Assignment

  Python operators  Python is an open source object oriented language. It is a high level powerful programming language. It is created by Guido Van Rossum in 1990. It is a derived from many other languages. Python programs are composed of modules and modules contain statements and statement s contains expressions and expressions create and process objects. Features of Python: Python is open source software. It is easy to learn, easy to read and easy to maintain.

Python statements and loops

Python statements and loops

Assignment for Python statements and loops If statement:  the program will execute only if the code statement is true Syntax: if test expression: statement(s) Example: A = 10; If A %5 =0;     print (“number is divisible of 5”) Output:

Custom Functions in Python

Python Functions Function is a group of statements that are created to perform a specific task. Function breaks the programs into smaller units. Print() is also a function which is defined in the python languages. These functions are called built in functions. And the functions that are defined and created by user is known as user defined function. Syantax: Def function_name(parameters)     Statements   Def keyword is...

Java Object and Classes

Java object and classes Java is an object oriented language. It is developed by Sun Microsystems and in java everything is object. It is a high level programming language and platform independent. Object oriented language means everything is encapsulated in class. Java supports the object oriented language features. Object oriented features are: polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, classes, objects, instance, and method. What is an Object: anything having state and behavior is called as object. Every class defines the state and the behavior of the program. Table,...